Guiding Lights

they hovered over

a losing battle, 

feeding the bleeding past

with sordid tales

of old love.

snickering about the

failed death, they

scurried to adventure

in a newer city, feasting

off of the impoverished


guiding lights don’t

guide them anymore.

Old Man Davis (The Rubberband Man)


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Old Man Davis (The Rubberband Man)

*The Spinners Rubberband Man on repeat*

Old Man Davis wears 6 rubber-bands around his wrist,


6 for the number of jobs he has had.
6 for the wives he never loved.
6 for the children he has seen walk away.
6 for the grandchildren he does not know.


An amazing number all by itself,
Yet he keeps each rubber-band as a reminder of his


And, he has failed.


Each time he loses one, he instantly replaces it, says,

“I gotta keep this number intact. It’s my 6. ALL MINE!”

He says it to the air around him.
It is the only thing willing to listen.

Old Man Davis loved a woman named Clara.
Clara left him for a man named Willie.
Willie left Clara for a woman named Sue-Ellen.
Sue-Ellen left Willie for Old Man Davis.

And this is where we begin. Old Man Davis and Sue-Ellen.

Sue-Ellen is number 7, but Old Man Davis won’t put another rubber-band around his wrist.
Not for Sue-Ellen.


“Sue-Ellen ain’t gon’ be here long. We lovin’ each other temporarily. And temporary ain’t forever.

My rubber-bands are. She don’t get one.”

And, what Old Man Davis says



Originally published at Medium.   This is a continuation of Old Man Davis (An Introduction).

blind advice


Courtesy of Patheos.Com.


“beware of the madness,”

the blind woman said,
teetering along, limping
with a rhythmless rhythm.
she is boldly warning me
of the dangers ahead
in life.
I listen to her, the patched
left eye winks at me,
how is that even possible?

“beware of the madness.”

I turn to tell her that
I heard her before, yet
nothing is there. not
even her shadow.

©Tremaine L. Loadholt  20August16

Yesterday, I Was Featured On Medium’s Homepage: Third Time’s The Charm

Yesterday, a piece I’d written about humanity and the evils of this world was featured on Medium’s Homepage. It was published in the undoubtedly awesome publication, Crossing Genres (Second article, actually. The first was, “I Am A Turtle. This Is How I Know.”). I’m honored to say that this is an amazing feat, 3 times!

To say that I’m beside myself with glee is a total understatement. I only wanted people to be aware, so I shared my story. And, I only shared it because thefeatheredsleep tagged me in one of her posts on Facebook. It is a topic very dear to me as I believe many people can do more than what we are doing for those less fortunate and we can be kind in more ways than one. I think most of us have forgotten what kindness is. I have not.

Humanity Is A Whimpering Child Too Scared To Voice His Or Her Opinion

If you would like to read the article, you can do so here. I am honored and I will continue to speak my truth and share my stories, especially in a world too focused on things that matter not. To each of you, thank you for your readership and our connections as writers. I’m most appreciative. To those of you speaking up for others when they cannot, continue to do so. I hear you.