Break Out Spirit (Haiku, 2 Parts)

Courtesy of YouTube.
Heaven smiles today —
The breaking out has begun,
Each voice has been heard.

In the midst of tears,
Reminders come and we are
Crying out to you.
©Tremaine L. Loadholt  25September16
Originally published on Medium.


Occupy Wall Street gather at Zuccotti Park after a winter break. Here a former US Marine Harold Gonzalez screams in protest. The police have clamp-down on protesters in 2012, not uncommon for many protesters have been arrested 7 or 8 times. March 16, 2012

The soul of a man is hiding in the crowd-
Every tear drip-dropping from his
Swollen eyes

No Guidance.
No Support.
No Help.

A common ground devils up around him,
Coating his limbs in evil.
He withers at the fall
Dancing before lying tongues and

Aching Bellies.

Screaming is the sound of a broken mind–
Bullets shaped into knives lodged in
Their veins, covering inches of skin,
Burying them before their time.

The Rage is here.

And, they say we have no manners.
We have no sense of security.

Beasts waiting at the gate of acceptance.

Let me clamp my teeth in-
There’s blood to be had.

This time, it won’t be mine.

©Tremaine L. Loadholt 23September16